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Hail Storm Flood Repairs

When you need a Wyoming contractor to repair hail damage or wind damage to your roof, siding or gutters, you want a local company who is experienced and stands behind their work. We install roofing, siding and gutters in Cheyenne as well as any flood or storm damage repairs. We work directly with all insurance companies to ensure all damages are covered. You wont have to deal with the insurance company or fight to get your house fixed we will do it all for you.  We will do all the calls, insurance claims, any paperwork, forms and emails until the job is complete.  We’re committed to complete satisfaction on every job to help you keep your home beautiful and well maintained.

Call Now For a Quote Today 307.256.6264

Our Proven Process

  1. Schedule a free inspection with United Services. We’ll inspect your house from top to bottom to identify all damages.  Book an inspection on the ‘Contact Us’ form on this page or call or text us at 307.256.6264.

  2. Call your insurance provider to file a claim.

  3. We will work with your insurance to ensure all damages are covered.

  4. Your project manager will coordinate the completion of your repairs and invoice your insurance company once the work is finished.

  5. You will receive the final payment from your insurance company and pay us only after the work is complete; the only out-of-pocket cost to you will be any deductibles or upgrades you’ve chosen.  

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